Over the past 15 years, The Akron Garden Club has invested $95,000 in Cascade Locks Park, the “birthplace of Akron” industrially and commercially, along Locks 10-16 of the famed Ohio & Erie Canal.

Marking The Akron Garden Club’s 75th anniversary and to fulfill its Garden Club of America Project 2000 commitment, the club…

… provided $50,000 for an archaeological dig, plants, hardscapes and fencing at the Mustill House and Store, now a park visitors center and among Akron’s oldest structures. In 2009-2012, The Akron Garden Club gave $45,000 for entrance landscaping, interpretive signs and a rain garden at the Schumacher Cascade Mills Site in the park, where immigrant entrepreneur Ferdinand Schumacher once produced oatmeal as a forerunner to The Quaker Oats Company. As part of the club’s Garden Club of America Centennial Tree Project, The Akron Garden Club planted several  Asiminia triloba, pawpaw trees, within the park.

Photo credit: Deborah Bauman